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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How much space do you need to setup the booth?


A.  The dimension of our photo booth is 3 1/2 feet wide x 6 1/2 feet long and 6 1/2 feet tall. We do ask that you have room for your guests to line up as well as a spot to set up a small props table. Minimum of 8 feet X 11 feet of space is a good starting point. More is better and safer.



Q.  How much time do you need to set up the booth?


A.  We typically take a minimum of 60 minutes to get the booth unloaded and all ready to go. We like to set up as soon as we can.



Q.  Do you rent a monitor to show a slideshow of the pictures taken?


A.  We have replaced our TV slide show with the Ipad Kiosk.  We have found that many guests get embarrassed if we put them in the spot light.



Q.  What services do you need to make the booth run and do you ever set up outside?


A.  We use a 15 amp 120 volt AC power outlet (your standard wall plug). We do not set up outside as the booth's commercial printer has specific operating conditions and will damage the transfer film in extreme cold, hot and very moist conditions. We typically set up in event halls, which pose none of these conditions. However, it is a good idea to make sure the place where you want the booth has a wall plug. If it is required that the booth be placed in the center of a room, we ask that the venue provide a plug down from the ceiling if possible.  We can tape an extension cord to the nearest outlet, but we don't want people tripping if at all possible. Normally you don't even have to worry about this type of issue as we work with your event planner, or venue administrator to sort out all the details (worry-free).



Q.  Can we decorate the booth to have it match the theme of our event?


A.  Certain decorations (such as bows and ribbon) can be attached to the metal frame of the booth.  We do not allow any items on top of the booth, for obvious liability reasons. Removable window-like stickers, advertising and signage may require an extra charge. Charges can vary based on the request. We are more than open to re-branding our booth to match your company logo or theme.



Q.  What if our venue has a power failure?


A.  Our photo booth is equipped with a UPS (uninterpretable power supply) that can withstand 15 minutes of power outage. We have tested up to an hour on back up power without any interruption to the booth.



Q.  I have seen your gallery and your pictures look so much better than other photo booths. Why?


A.  Because we are photographers 1st and photo booth builders 2nd. We know lighting and what makes a good exposure: light temperature, white balance, proper flash diffusion, and other nerdy photo lingo that has taken years to perfect. Angelica basically said: "Make the pictures look good right out of the camera with no editing, make the prints look just as nice, then design a pretty booth." So I (Steve) listened. Oh I think I missed the "solve world hunger" part.  Still working on that one.



Q.  Do I need to provide food for the booth's two attendants?


A.  As you don't really need to provide food, we do typically shut down the booth during dinner at weddings and large parties (15 minutes) unless asked not to. We do ask that if the booth attendants can grab a snack from the buffet, that you make them aware of this (just to avoid any confusion and embarrassment). But really it is up to you if you want to share. Typically the DJ and the booth operators hang out with the bartenders in the back and have a small snack.



Q.  What is your availability?


A.  Give us a call. This is this best, and fastest, way of finding out.



Q.  Is it true that Michael Jackson used your Photo Booth?


A.  No!  But a person with the last name Jackson did as well as person with the middle name Michael. But I don't think that counts. Frankly everyone is a Star when it comes to the booth. Why single one out?



Q.  How many prints do my guest get?


A.  We typically print one for you, and one for them. This is dependent on the layout that you choose. If you select the 2x6 x2 (our most popular), the attendant will hand one 2X6 to your client when they exit the booth. They are welcome to come back as often as they like until each guest has there own print. However they will all be different. We  also provide instant Social Sharing to Facebook and Twitter on our iPad kiosk. Images will also be available on our website after the event under "Booth Shots"



Q.  Do you customize the Photostrips for the event?


A.  Yes, we custom-design for each and every event. Angelica (the designer) will gather what info she needs from you (logo, names, colours, theme, etc.) and create a design from there.



Q.  What if one of my guests damages the booth during my event?


A.  The booth's attendant is our way of preventing such issues, and so far we haven't had any issues. Gold stars for everyone! However if we do find that the booth is vandalized or damaged while at your event, we will charge for the costs of repairs back to the renter specified in the contract.  As with any event, the organizer is responsible for the guests. Borsellino Photography will endeavor to refuse booth access to patrons that are not acting in a responsible manner and work with the venue's security to make sure they are informed as to why.



Q.  My spouse/friend is in the military and cannot have his/her photos on the Internet. How can we prevent it from being published?


A.  My suggestion is to have them not use the booth, however most cannot resist trying out the booth. In this case we can make note of the images taken and do our best to make sure that photo does not get uploaded after the event. As we don't really tag or know who anyone is at the event--with the exception of the person/couple/event organizer--it will be difficult to make sure we don't upload the photo(s) by mistake. For that we ask that the attendant keep the 2nd copy of the 2X6. We will use this as reference to remove the image before Internet upload. The physical picture will be mailed back to the booker of the booth a few days later.



Q.  What does "unlimited photos" mean?  Do I really get as many as I want?


A.  Unlimited means "Without a limit during the time of the rental". However typically people are a bit pokey when it comes to picking props and getting ready to take the pictures. The attendant will encourage the guests to pick props quickly as to reduce line-ups, but just like those people in front of you at the ATM who take for what seems like forever to enter a pin or find the correct bank card, it really all depends on your guests. Typically, a 5-hour event will yield an average between 100 - 300 double strips (4 images per strip) and if we can we will do reprints for all guests.



Q.  Is the booth just a camera and a printer with some studio lights and a background?


A.  Yes and no. The booth is an actual, real-life, fully self-contained booth (with a comfy seat too!). It was designed and built by Borsellino Photography (with our bare hands, aye!). Why didn't we just order a ready-made generic photo booth from the States? Because we wanted something unique, something that would stand out among all other booths. Modern, portable, high quality, equipped with the latest technology, providing stunning prints at ludicrous speed, AND capable of uploading images instantly to Facebook, our photo booth makes us proud.



Q.  Can my guests use the props on the Dance floor?


A.  No, props are not intended for use other than the photo booth, as they can get damaged. Our trained staff will do their best to control the guests and keep the fun at the booth.  After all if the props are dancing they can't be in the booth.



Q.  I have a question not answered here. What do I do?


A.  Please call us, send us an email, smoke signals, whatever it takes. We would love to answer your questions and possibly add them to our FAQ section.  The smoke signals tends to be the least effective way to get our attention BTW.


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